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in that local level. >> let me speak up in defense of the republican women, not individually and not their policy. i think one of the other things that matters, comes off of 2008 when we had such prominent women run for president and vice president. the image of what leadership looks like changes every time we elect a woman. the other thank i want to make an argument for, if you're looking at getting toward jebder, you want to have women to vote against just as eagerly as you want women to vote for. you don't just want to be battling the white guys. >> i do think that matters. >> you know sarah palin the way that are most careful than most folks. both representing what your policy disagreements are. >> they're huge. >> yeah. but also pointing out that she performs something interesting by being a relatively young woman with a young family and saying, you know what, i'm going to run for this high office. >> more models of female leadership we see, old, young, different races, different -- >> very feminine models, too. >> all kinds of models. it will get easier for women to get
make it easy. i want them to fight for it. this is in defense of the law that florida passed last year to limit early voting effectively taking the sunday before the election out of the possibility of voting on that day which, as we know many african-americans take their congregations to the polls. >> the souls to the polls. >> who does he want to fight for it? the very people whose ancestors who already won that fight, people who have been historically disadvantaged. i think of my grandfather, a farmer who wore a turbine and beards. for years he was denied the right to vote. when he was able to win the fight in the 1960s, we couldn't keep him from the votes. my father lifted him into a wheelchair to take him to vote. he wouldn't say who he was voting for. the right is absolutely sacred. the fact that in 2012 we are having to fight the powers that be to keep those very communities, my community, latinos, african-americans, other historically disadvantaged groups -- the fact we're finding these dlefr ways is deeply troubling and requires us to stand up. >> i was going to say, there is a
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)